Monday, July 2, 2012

It's the time of instant feedback!

I recently flew in one of the leading low-cost airlines of India last week and what I received from them was an email asking for the trip feedback.

I did not open the email. Reason? I did not have an extremely positive or negative experience with the airlines. With many emails cluttering the inbox, this definitely will not be in my priority. Result? 

A good intent of capturing customer feedback is not completely utilized due to - wrong timing & bad choice of channel.

A normal consumer probably would not spend time filling up email feedback in today's fast paced environment. As a consumer, I think, they would be really better off by providing me an instant feedback point when I am at the end point of my journey - i.e. collected the baggage and is on my way to exit. That is the moment when the feedback capture can be almost guaranteed! 

Few ways in which instant feedback could be corrected by service providers - mobile push notification, use of kiosk on the exit gate to name a few.