Sunday, October 7, 2012

A delightful experience with Indane - a leading gas utility company of India

Generally a good consumer experience is not what one relates with Indian utility companies. But, a recent experience not only negated my thoughts but also it was a first of its kind experience for me with any Indian company be it private or public.

I am a consumer of Indane Gas Services, one of the leading provider of commercial and domestic gas in India. Recently, I booked a refill request via the IVR channel. Using of IVRs is norm in current customer service landscape across sectors, however if you are one of the users, you know the pains going through the automated recorder asking for inputs to validate your identity.

But to my surprise, as soon as I called the IVR number, it recognized my consumer number as I was using my registered mobile number to make the call. The complete process was done within a span of a single minute and also getting my booking number confirmation instantly via SMS.

I believe this kind of experience that is hassle free and to the point with no unnecessary jingles/promotions is what will keep consumers becoming advocate of a company.