Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Banks..please know your customer in real sense!

Ok so I had given out a positive experience with the same bank in this post. Though the experience that I will share now also cemented my belief that providing a perfect Customer experience is still a distant dream.

The brand takes a beating for me whenever I get a call from agent claiming she is calling from the same bank and whether I would be interested in a credit-card ????

Ok to give some benefit of doubt, we can assume that the nos. probably would have been obtained from a third party and also the telemarketing is outsourced with no actual data shared by the bank.

So if that is the case, then the bank is really not doing a good job. At least, if not integrating the systems, it can ask agents’ company to have a diligent check before making repeated calls on the same number. After all, for the customer it is a touch point with bank and hence can break the positive experience.