Introduction to the Blog

To introduce the reason of existence of this page, I often come across the term Customer Experience Management(CEM/CX) being echoed at strategic levels. Few identify this as a subset of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and others as a super set.

However, i am yet to come across a perspective from the stakeholder who consumes this experience. Having been a practitioner in customer relationship and experience domain and an end consumer of myriad products and services, i hereby will keep sharing my experience with brands that evoked either a positive or negative response on me. 

For negatives, I will also try to provide a gimps of possible solution from practitioner's viewpoint.

I hope in some time, this will not only help me as a professional to build a personal case studies but also can help the brands to build great CRM/CEM strategies. I would not name the brand as I do not have any personal enmity but I believe, an intelligent brand will be able to come across my page and will get some good insights both from consumer and practitioner perspective.

My each post will mainly classify it into three categories:

a. Industry vertical - Airline, Bank, Insurance and so on
b. Channel  - Social Media, E-mail, Online etc.
c. The function - Customer service, Customer Feedback, Campaign

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The views expressed are my own and no where reflects my professional associations.