Sunday, May 26, 2013

Toyota India gets it wrong on social media

Sorry for the long gap however this time the incident I am sharing happened with one of my relatives. I was so baffled when got to learn about how an esteemed car maker brand from Eastern world does not get it right on new age channels.

The case in this point does not originate at social media as my relative had some issue with a particular component of the car and wanted to get it serviced at its outlets. However, since this was not related to regular service, the enormous amount of delays and internal department assignments made it cumbersome for my relative to follow-up with no committed response even after multiple follow-ups.

As a last resort, the relative vented out the frustration on the Facebook Page of the organization - almost two paragraphs explaining the whole situation. And the response posted was a simple acknowledgement that looked automated with zero degree of empathy in it.

This event made me realize it's still a long road ahead for the brands. A basic rule in my view for adopting social media is that brands should always have people interact converse in a manner as if it is a face to face. This channel has all the resources to make and feel it like face to face. Seriously, not sure what's stopping the brands to use the various mechanisms.

In my view, as soon as this post made it to Facebook page, it should have been viewed by the service rep and based on the post intensity, should have lead it to send the customer an invite for a hangout with a SME or a call. It's not that problem could be resolved in jiffy but at least be emphatic if the brand really believes in providing a great customer experience.