Monday, July 30, 2012

A Multi-Channel journey experience with a telecom service provider - I

Sorry for the delay in the post but as the intent of this portal is to only document positive and negative experiences, I could not find any worth while experience that I could share with my audience. That in itself speaks about the efforts enterprises are putting in bringing great customer experience :)

Coming to the main point, this is about the India's largest private communication service provider. I have been their customer at one point or the other. In my previous residence as a bachelor, I used to share home with other folks in order to save on our rent. In fact that home was a bachelor's abode for quite some time.

Internet is almost a basic necessity for people of my generation and as expected the home already had a broadband connection being used by folks already living in there. However, I came as a replacement for the guy who had installed this connection. Hence, as a honest customer, we thought of getting the contact details updated.

To my surprise, a change in name was chargeable though contact and email could be updated free of cost. As a professional in this field, I do understand the name dependency but still considering the Indian dynamics where most of the population is in young age group, I believe some flexibility should be introduced to ensure there is better transparency both for the enterprise as well as customers.

There is more to this whole scenario which I would continue in next blog post...stay tuned!